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Tracklist : 
01-Youm Brab Nak Na Ber Yerng Sorlang Knare Tear Pi Naek
02-hbort Jet Tare Khbot Snaeh Jess Tare Snaeh

03-Youm Thaing Niss Trov Youm Ouss Oss
04-Ber Sin Yerng Min Ban Kare
05. Girl In The Mirror 05-Girl In The Mirror06-Sorlang Bong Oun Jer Jab
07-Youm Joum Mim PraKot Tha Kouch Jet
08-Joung Jer Jab Joum Noss Oun
09-Orn Jet Nirk Oun Rus Nirk Ke
10-Min Kouch Jet



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