Welcome to Really! Show, the frontrunner radio phone-in show about youth issues in Cambodia. Really! Show was established in 2005 by BBC World Service Trust with independent donation from DFID, UNICEF, Global Fund and currently from AusAid 2010. Since 2005, we have discussed over two hundred fifty topics related to issues facing young Cambodians today. We are broadcasting every Sunday at 11-12am from Phnom Penh through FM 103MHz to eight provincial relay stations including Bantey Meanchey (FM 103.5), Siem Reap (FM 100.5), Preah Sihanouk (FM 100.5), Pursat (FM 100.5), Stung Treng (FM 100.5), Kampong Thom (FM 100.5) and Svay Rieng (FM 103.75). 

Enjoy to listen Love story of youth , I don't know that is real or not , so you keep silent to listen, recorded from Radio.


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